Risk Assessments

Risk assessment is about enabling events and activities to happen safely; not to inhibit them happening.


To support its Risk Management Policy, St Andrew's have developed a risk assessment approach that event and activity leaders can use. Essentially the organiser MUST ensure that an adequate risk assessment is undertaken and appropriate risk mitigation steps put in place before the event can take place. These risk assessments include circumstances that could cause injury and preventative measures such as Disclosures for those working with young people and vulnerable adults. For St Andrew’s related events these risk assessments must be undertaken at least 2 weeks before the event and sent to the PCC Secretary for approval by the PCC (as they decide appropriate) before the event can take place. Until this approval is given, the event cannot take place.

images5.jpgSt Andrew’s has standard risk assessment sheets available for undertaking risk assessments for events. These or something equivalent can be used and training is available. The key thing is that the ‘organiser’ is responsible for ensuring that an appropriate risk assessment is undertaken, mitigation / risk reduction actions agreed as necessary and that all those involved with organising and managing the event are aware of them and put them into practice.

There are two variants on the recommend risk assessment sheets as follows:

1. An Excel Workbook. This is the recommended approach as it contains a number of automatic calculations that can be used to make life easier for you. Please first read and understand he 'Instructions' worksheet (tab at the bottom) and look at a worked example before you start to populate the main 'Risk' worksheet. The Excel Workbook can be downloaded by clicking here.

2. A Word approach for those not familiar with Excel. This consists of: